THRIVE  with The GEMINI Academy!

THRIVE Programs takes a non clinical and holistic approach to health, well-being and movement. 

THRIVE is a 2 hour weekly program that combines modelling with fitness/ wellness. We believe that movement is marvellous! With a little extra movement, our moods improve, we increase our productivity, we reduce stress and we have fun! 

Our fitness/ wellness classes are taught by former professional dancer and President of GEINI Models, Meaghan Dietrich.  Classes will focus on positive-self image, internal/ external strength, age appropriate exercises, proper techniques, ease of movement and will be centred around fun! 

Our Modelling classes will be taught by Agency Models  Mikela Correia, Haley Falco and Director Meaghan Dietrich.  We use modelling as a vehicle to teach girls about themselves, to set goals, live with purpose, build confidence and be supportive of each other. 

By messing fitness/wellness with modelling, we are able to encompass healthy habits, a healthy mind and a health body with one great program, THRIVE

 We offer classes for ages 5-16. Check out each level of our Thrive Programs and see why more then 100+ KW girls and their parents are choosing to enrol at the GEMINI Academy! 

Book a tour today and  come THRIVE  with us! 

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Classes are open to the public, so feel free to spread the word and have your daughter bring a friend to class! The more girls, the more energy... the more FUN! 

FAQ Full Year Programs


What are typical class sizes? 

15 students maximum. We require 8 students to run a class 

What are you doing in response to Covid-19? 

We are restructuring programs to ensure the safety of our students and staff.  We are following the requirements of the Canadian Health Ministry and the Canadian Government. We are awaiting the protocols to unfold and will update all students and families of the safety measures we will be taking for classes. 

What is your Student to Instructor ratio?

We provide 1 adult Instructor and 1 Assistants per class.

What is my daughter required to provide?

We provide all styling & make-up products.  We will provide each student with a workbook to follow along with. Each class will have a specific lesson plan and we may ask the students to bring items from home. Note: We will never ask the girls to purchase any thing specific for class. If they do not have what we are asking them to bring, that will not be an issue. 

Is there a year end show for my daughter? 

Yes!  Students  will celebrate their year by participation in The KW GIRL Fashion Show.  Family and friends are welcome to join us as we celebrate the successful completion of the Program. 

Do the classes focus heavily on the modelling industry? 

This is dependent on the class levels. Our Just for Girls, Pre-Teen and Teen classes focus on personal development, making friends and building healthy habits. During classes, girls will enjoy a variety of activities including runway lessons, skin care, age appropriate make-up tutorials, hair styling, fashion show fun, yoga, photo shoots and more! In the Advanced Teen and Elite Teen classes, we begin to focus more on professional development and the modelling industry. 

Does my daughter need to wear heels? 

Not necessarily.  It is recommended that our Teen, Advance & Elite Teen classes wear heels to help them with posture and self-awareness.  

Will my daugher be signed with your Agency once she has completed the program?  

While we would like to sign every student onto our Agency, we are unable to do so. At the end of the year, we review current client needs and the students photos from the year. If we feel your daughter will work in the industry, we will set up a meeting to discuss a modelling contract beyond their student contract.