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Miss Meaghan

Miss Meaghan

Miss Meaghan

President & CEO


Meaghan is an Honours Graduate of Canada’s National Ballet School. She worked as a dancer and choreographer on various Cruise Ships and danced in New York and Los Angeles. 

Settling in KW, Meaghan sought a vehicle where she could inspire young women. 

Joining GEMINI Models in 2004 as a Model and later becoming a Modelling Instructor, she took ownership of the business in 2017. 

Recognizing the challenges girls face growing up in a world of social media and high expectations, Meaghan further developed the current program to empower and inspire girls to see their beauty and strengths.

 "I started THRIVE because I wanted to give the girls of KW the skills, strength and confidence to take on all of life’s challenges. It’s so important for youth today to be empowered in a positive way and to build strength and confidence because at some point in their lives they will be faced with a difficult or challenging situation. It is my passion to help girls see their potential, know their power and understand their value. "


Miss Mikela

Miss Meaghan

Miss Meaghan



Mikela, known to most as Kiki, joined GEMINI Models in 2014 as a Model and became an Academy Instructor in 2017. 

Mikela enjoyed a celebrated career as a Secondary School Teacher for five years, before transitioning into the Custom Home Building Industry and co-creating the Home & Lifestyle Brand @home-girls.ca. Mikela has a passion for home design and organization, loves baking up a storm and has an ever-growing shoe collection.


Mikela's professional and personal goals of helping others reach their fullest potential aligned beautifully with that exact imitative of GEMINI. Working with young people, and as an extension - specifically young women, is a role Mikela truly cherishes. 

Mikela believes The GEMINI Academy is a program that fosters creativity, self-expression and self-love while building confidence. The focus is on building the girls up and encouraging them to develop their independence. It’s so #girlpower focused. It’s women leading women, women supporting women, and women celebrating women. There's nothing else like it!  


Miss Haley

Miss Meaghan

Miss Haley



Haley knows first hand the benefits of GEMINI's Academy Programs. Growing up within the programs, Haley took the Pre-Teen, Teen, Advanced and Elite classes. After completing the programs, she joined the Agency as a model while completing her degree in Journalism. 

Haley is an avid Yogi and enjoys writing on all topics fashion, health and beauty. 

Her smile and zest for life are contagious and is excited to share her knowledge and experiences in the industry with her students. 


Miss Taylor

Miss Savannah

Miss Savannah




Taylor has been part of GEMINI for several years; five years as an Academy student, and one year as an Academy Assistant. As a former GEMINI student and now model, Taylor has gained experience in the industry, having booked several creative photo shoots.

As an Academy student, Taylor looked forward to attending weekly classes and socializing with new friends. This year Taylor is looking forward to helping to provide the same experience for the young girls who attend GEMINI.

Taylor is excited to help the girls feel welcome and inspired each class. 


Miss Savannah

Miss Savannah

Miss Savannah




Savannah has been part of GEMINI for seven years, taking her first Academy class when she was 8-years-old. As a GEMINI student, Savannah has gained valuable knowledge about the modelling industry. 

Her favourite thing about working at GEMINI is how GEMINI is accepting of everyone and will encourage each person to become who they want to be. Savannah believes GEMINI has helped her reach goals she never imagined she could accomplish. 

Savannah is excited to help other girls feel confident and accepting of others. 


Miss Jenna

Miss Savannah

Miss Jenna


Agency Administration 


Jenna has been part of GEMINI for eight years; four years as an Academy student, and four years as a Model. 

As a former GEMINI student and now model, Jenna has gained valuable knowledge about the modelling industry, having booked several professional photo shoots. Furthermore, she has graced several runways including Fashion For Life and Fashion On Yonge.  Jenna has also served as a backstage assistant at several fashions shows, including Fashion On Yonge and The KW Girl Fashion Show.

Jenna is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the GEMINI classes and is excited to meet and assist both parents and students. 

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