Pre-Teen: Full Day Camp


The GEMINI Academy for Girls offers a variety of unique full day camps for every KW Girl! The favoured fashion and beauty activities are accompanied by other interests such as acting, fashion design, spa aesthetics and arts and crafts.  We are passionate about encouraging our campers to be themselves, make new friends and try new things! These camps are perfect for girls ages 7-12.

We offer the following full day camps

Spa Aesthetics & Modelling Camp

Fashion Design & Modelling Camp

Acting & Modelling Camp

Crafts & Modelling Camp

Camp Time: 9am - 4pm 


Highlights Include

Age Appropriate Make-Up 

Marvellous Manicures 

Skin Care & Clay Masks  

Outdoor Activities 

Fashion & Beauty Activities  

Cheesy Popcorn Parties

Activities baced of the type of Camp 

Professional Photo Shoot In-Studio Fashion Show for Friends & Family 


Cost of Camp

$350.00 (+ HST)
Cost includes all craft & styling products 

Pre Teen Full Day Camp Schedule
Week #3: Spa Aesthetics & Modelling Camp

Week #5: Fashion Design & Modelling Camp

Week #7: Acting & Modelling Camp