Adelle M, Parent

Elite Teen Modelling Program, Age 16

Happy New Year!

I just received your email with my daughters photo shoot, wow, she is amazing!! With that said, I have been so impressed by you and your company I’d like to register our other daughter in your program. She is 13 and has taken a modeling course in past, but with no comparison to what I’m seeing from GEMINI!

Craig P, Parent

Teen Modelling Program, Age 12

I'd like to say thank you so much for what you do for these girls. The difference we have seen in our daughter during the year has been amazing & others have been noticing too. She is more self-aware, more confident and I love how much she has grown to like herself. It's great to watch her be passionate about something and have a goal that she is willing to work hard to achieve. 

Ema S, Photographer

Ema Suvajac Photography

GEMINI is not just a modelling agency.  GEMINI is a family of individuals working together to bring each other up, to better themselves and one another.  

When you think of a modelling agency, you may think of superficial beauty -- GEMINI strives to bring out the inner strength and beauty of every person they touch.  It has truly been inspirational working with the GEMINI team over the years. I am happier, more self-assured, and more confident as a business woman as a result!

Jenna Y, Model

Model & Academy Adminstrator

 I took classes at the GEMINI Academy for 5 years while I was in middle school and high school. Every week I would look forward to going to GEMINI, It was the one place where I felt I could truly experiment with my style and try out new fashion. Over my 5 years at GEMINI I learned so many new skills including everything from style and makeup to confidence and self-esteem. The skills that I learned throughout my time at the academy are skills that I have been able use not just in modelling but throughout my life. Every girl who walks through the doors at the GEMINI Academy is sure to quickly fall in love with the program, and I can guarantee I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my GEMINI family.

 If I could give current students one piece of advice it would be to take the time to take in everything you’re learning. And although you may not think everything you’re learning you will use after your time in the Academy, I can assure you that you will. Also take time to enjoy every minute of being in the Academy because after you graduate you will miss your weeknights at GEMINI.

Taylor C, Former Student

Age 15

I was a student at the GEMINI Academy for five years. My favourite thing about GEMINI is how I always felt accepted, and always had fun in class! GEMINI taught me how to style my hair, how to dress for success, and how to be confident in my own skin. In the future I would like to be a doctor. GEMINI is helping me achieve this goal as I learned through my time there that I can have anything I work hard for. I was also able to really come out of my shell when we worked on public speaking, something I was intimidated by previously. Being a GEMINI girl has given me so many memories and long-lasting friendships. A message to current students is don’t be afraid of making new friends during classes! Everyone is so nice and probably is in the same situation as you!

Alandra Z, Former Student

Age 16

I was a student at the GEMINI Academy for five years. My favourite thing about GEMINI is the warm environment. Everyone at GEMINI is truly a family, and I love it so much! Three really wonderful things I learned at GEMINI are how to style myself and put on appropriate make-up for different settings. I also learned how to be kind to everyone and how to behave in professional settings. GEMINI has helped me acquire jobs and taught me many skills relevant to the workplace. Most importantly, GEMINI taught me how to be kind to myself, as I struggled with confidence. GEMINI has helped shape me into the person I am today. In the future, I hope to be as amazing as the inspiring team at GEMINI; they have inspired me so much. I wish every young girl will have the opportunity to spend at least one year at the GEMINI Academy. It is an incredible experience that I will forever cherish