FAQ Summer Camps


What are typical class sizes? 

Due to Covid-19 we are limiting the number of campers to 10 per camp. We require 8 students to run a program. 

What are you doing in response to Covid-19? 

We are restructuring programs to ensure the safety of our students and staff.  We are following the requirements of the Canadian Health Ministry and the Canadian Government. We are awaiting the protocols to unfold and will update all students and families of the safety measures we will be taking for camps.  

What are some of the protocols you will be implementing to keep campers and Instructors safe? 

We will be following the Health Ministry Guidelines. While it is still unknown as to the requirements, we are actively sewing face masks, purchasing handsfree temperature tools, professional grade cleaning solutions and developing camper pick-up, drop-off and in-studio social distancing protocols. 

What is your Student to Instructor ratio?

We provide 1 adult Instructor and 1 Assistants per class.

What is my daughter required to provide?

Students will be required to provide   We will provide each student with a Camp Overview handout.  This will outline what activities we are doing each day to help them prepare and know what to bring to camp.  Note: We will never ask the girls to purchase any thing specific for class. If they do not have what we are asking them to bring, that will not be an issue. 

Is there a Professional Photo Shoot  during Camp? 

Yes!  Each camper will have the opportunity to work with a professional photographer. You will receive an online gallery of all the unedited photos and 1 professional edited photo as a camp souvenir. 

Is there a Fashion Show at the end of Camp? 

Yes!  We welcome families to attend a Fashion Show at the end of camp. If Covid-19 restrictions don't allow for a large gathering then we will record the Fashion Show and send it to you as a camp souvenir. 

Do the classes focus heavily on the modelling industry? 

No We use modelling as an interactive tool to engage and inspire our campers. Our Little Girls, Pre-Teen and Teen classes focus on confidence, self love, making friends and building healthy habits. During camps, girls will enjoy a variety of activities including runway lessons, skin care, age appropriate make-up tutorials, hair styling, fashion show fun, yoga, a photo shoots and more! 

Does my daughter need to wear heels? 

Not necessarily.  It is recommended that our Teens bring a pair of heels wear. This will allow us to teach them how to properly walk in heels with grace, ease and most importably with confidence. 

Does my daughter need to wear make-up? 

Not necessarily.  It is recommended that our Pre Teen and Teens bring their own make-up kit. This will allow us to teach them how to properly apply their make-up in a way that is age appropriate to them and to the activity to which they require make-up (ie. Photo Shoots).  

Will my daugher be signed with your Agency once she has completed the program?  

While we would like to sign every student onto our Agency, we are unable to do so.  Camps are an opportunity for girls to learn about modelling but more importantly to develop confidence, self love, new friends and healthy habits. If your daughter would like to get more involved in modelling, we recommend attending a full year program. Your camp Instructor can answer your questions one-on-one.